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The ABBt consists of ten chairs and institutes with a strong expertise in botany, zoology, plant physiology, applied microbiology, environmental research, biotechnology, molecular biotechnology, bioprocess technology and applied ecology.

Below are just some examples of our expertise. Please visit the websites of the individual institutes, or contact us for more information.



Plant cell walls

BIO 1, Usadel

Plant metabolic networks

BIO 1, Usadel

Plant molecular cell biology

BIO1, Panstruga

Molecular ecology of the rizosphere

BIO1, van Dongen

Chemosensory communication BIO2, Spehr
Zoology and human biology BIO2, Bohrmann

Molecular and system neurophysiology

BIO2, Kampa

Animal developmental biology and morphology

BIO2, Künzel

Plant physiology


Plant biochemistry

BIO3, Conrath

Plant molecular biology

BIO3, Conrath


BIO3, Slusarenko und Schaffrath

Applied microbiology

BIO4, iAMB, Blank

Microbial genetics

BIO4, iAMB, Schirawski

Microbial electrocatalysis

BIO4, iAMB, Rosenbaum


BIO5, Schäffer


BIO5, Schäffer


BIO5, Hollert

Biotechnology (Protein Engineering)

BIO6, Schwaneberg

Biomaterials (Sugar Chemistry)

BIO6, Elling

Molecular plant virology

BIO7, Commandeur

Molecular biology of malaria

BIO7, Pradel


BIO7, Hoffmann

Didactics of biology and chemistry


Biochemical engineering

BIOVT, Büchs