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Registration Foreign Language Intensive Courses August/September 2018

The registration for Foreign Language Courses takes place during the periods stated below. For registration you need a user account.

The result of the placement will be announced on the evening after registration ends. You can see the result in your accounr. Please note that you will not receive an email.

Anmeldeverfahren Anmeldezeitraum Kursbeginn
GK 1.f Französisch 22.08.- 29.08.2018 05.09.2018
Go out Chinesisch D (GK 1+2) 22.08.- 29.08.2018 10.09.2018
GK 3+4.c Niederländisch (für MES Studierende und andere interessierte Studierende) 22.08.- 29.08.2018 03.09.2018
GK 1.h Spanisch 22.08.- 29.08.2018 10.09.2018
GK 1+2.b Spanisch 26.07.- 02.08.2018 08.08.2018
GK 3+4.c Spanisch 22.08.- 29.08.2018 10.09.2018
MK 7+8 Academic Skills 3+4.c 26.07.- 02.08.2018 13.08.2018

Foreign Language Intensiv Courses: Please click on the course titles to see the exact dates, times and location of each course.


English Language Workshops August 2018

This summer we also offer workshops on the English Language!


Registration for Language Courses in Winter Term 2018/19

The registratioin for all foreign language courses during the lecture period of Winter term 2018/19 takes place only online from

October 2 to 9, 2018

via your Language Center user account. Course place allocation takes place on October 10, 2018 so please check your user account in the evening of October 10, 2018 to see whether a course place has been allotted to you.

Courses start in the week of October 10, 2018.