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Nowadays French is spoken by approximately 175 million people on a daily basis. With 78 million native speakers it is in 11th place of the most spoken languages worldwide.

French is one key to a better understanding of European art and cultural history as well as a major political lingua franca: as working language of the EU, the NATO and major language of the Union Africaine. The organization which had existed since 1970 includes 56 member states.

For students attending a technical university like RWTH Aachen University French obtains significance because of the immediate proximity to the Francophone regions of Belgium and the intense economic relations between France and Germany.

To provide as many opportunities as possible for students, the Language Center also likes to refer to offers belonging to other educational institutions such as the Institut français and the Volkshochschule.


Course structure French

Level A1 Level A2 Level B1 Level B2 Level C1 Level C2
GK 1-2 GK 3-5 MK 1-2 MK 3-6 OK 1-4