Local Open Online Course (LOOC) Introduction to technical English


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Do you want to improve your technical English skills?
Then join the Local Open Online Course (LOOC)Introduction to technical English, our first Moodle-based e-Learning course.

For most RWTH members, mastering technical English is of utmost importance for academic achievements and professional success. Understanding lectures, writing theses or communicating technical content often go hand in hand with proficiency in English in general and technical English in particular.

The LOOC Introduction to technical English offers a flexible, tailor-made e-Learning experience that targets the specific needs of RWTH members. The course introduces a variety of technical English topics to intermediate and advanced learners (MK7 - OK3) whilst advancing innovative e-Learning formats.


Further Information

The LOOC Introduction to technical English is part of the Exploratory Teaching Space of RWTH Aachen University and was partly funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


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