Scientific English


Putting the Science back into English...

In today’s globalized academic market, communicating well in English and advanced training are of utmost importance for doctoral students, post-docs and professors. The Language Center caters for this growing demand by offering a comprehensive program of Scientific English courses and workshops designed to support the research and teaching activities of the RWTH academic staff. Our program includes courses for doctoral students - developed in cooperation with the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS) as well as courses for post-docs, funded by the Excellence Initiative. We also run several courses that are open to all members of the university and other interested parties.

Due to the level of English required for our courses, participants should already possess a good knowledge of English (B2 level or higher of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The benefits we expect you to gain include not only optimizing your scientific output, proposals or correspondence in English but also developing more confidence and eloquence when moderating meetings, networking or presenting papers at international conferences.

Only by mastering scientific English will you able to succeed professionally and communicate your expertise to your peers in the international academic community as well as in industry!


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