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Now you're talking - English Semester Courses

The English language is not only the source of a diverse cultural and literary history, but is still the most important foreign language in the world. Therefore, the fluency in English language is nowadays required in most studies and professions. The English Department of the Language Center therefore offers all RWTH students a extensive program of courses tailored to their specific needs in three core areas:

  • Technical English
  • Academic English
  • Business English

Since the foreign language training offered by us is meant to be university-based and occupation-oriented, we expect our students to have good English skills, which should be approximately at the Abitur level. For this reason, our English course program is mainly offered at levels B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework. A placement test is compulsory.

An important goal of our courses is to increase students' mobility by preparing them for an internship or studying abroad in our courses. For this reason, we put great emphasis on training the written and oral language production, in addition to listening and reading skills.


Course Offer

Level A1 Level A2 Level B1 Level B2 Level C1 Level C2
MK 3-4 MK 5-8 OK 1-4 OK 5-8


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