Courses For Visiting Researchers



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In cooperation with the International Office and the Center for Doctoral Studies, CDS, the Language Center offers visiting reseachers the chance to learn German during their stay at RWTH.

  • You may register for all semester courses offered by the German Language Program. More information can be found under Semester Courses.
  • Courses A1.1.a and A1.1.b are suitable only for those with no knowledge of German whatsoever. You may simply register for these courses directly online.
  • If you have had previous German instruction, you need to sit a placement test. Dates for the placement test can be found under Dates & Deadlines.There you can also learn more about registration procedures.
  • You can only attend courses you are registered for.
  • Courses begin the second week of the semester.

If you have questions regarding German courses for visiting researchers, please send us an .