Your Semester Courses Guide

Information on courses

You will find all informations on course offers, dates and deadlines, course contents and books used in CAMPUS.

Here you will learn all there is to know about our Semester Courses.We have gathered the most important information about our course offer and requirements.

There are different stages on your way to and through the Semester Course.
Informations regarding these stages can be found in the following drop-down-list. Contents become visible by clicking on the respective title.


Previous Knowledge

  • No previous instruction in German for students, doctoral candidates and visiting researchers:

    Whether you are a regular student or a visiting researcher, all you need is yourvalid RWTH-ID in order to register
    Subsequent changes to advanced level courses are not possible once you registered for a beginners course (A1 or A1.1) although you got previous German knowledge - course fees are not refundable.

    You may proceed directly to the "registration".
  • With previous instruction in German for students, doctoral candidates and visiting researchers:

    You must take a placement test so that we can offer you a course best suited to your needs.
    The tests take place at the end of March/beginning of April or at the end of September/beginning of October. See Dates and Deadlines.
  • Test results

    You can find your test results in your User Accountone or two days at the latest before the beginning of the registration period.

    The results of the placement testare binding. We cannot provide a certificate for the results. Certificates can only be provided for completed courses.

    The result is valid until you have successfully taken part in a German course with the RWTH Language Center (and, therefore, improved your level of proficiency).


  1. Application for a course place
    Your German proficiency level ("Previous Knowledge") is relevant for the registration process.
    The application for all semester courses takes place at specified dates.
    To register for a course you need a Language Center User Account.
  2. Course place allocation
    In the evening of the day after the registration deadline, you can check the section "Registration" in your user-account to see whether you received a course place.There you will also find all information on thecourse fee payment. Brief informations can be found under item 3 of this instruction.
  3. Booking a course via online payment
    You must thenpay the course fee via the page mentioned in your user-account. Please note that payment is only possible online and preferably via Giropay (online-transfer). Please note: Deutsche Bank does not offer Giropay. You may also pay via credit card (accepted are: VISA, MasterCard, JCB)
    This video will guide you through the online payment process.
  4. Before your course
    Please purchase your course book before the first lesson. It is indicated in the respective course in CAMPUS, which course book is used in which class. Please note that the price for the course book is not included in the course fees.

Please note!

  • Registration is binding.
  • The Language Center will not refund course fees, neither full or partial.
  • Exchanging or transferring course places is not possible.

Selection of Courses

During the application process you will be offered coursesthat correspond to your proficiency level.

  • If there are several courses you could participate in, you can set priorities.
  • Course place allocation is controlled by a computer program.
  • Course place allocation isn't affected by whether you register at the beginning or the end of the registration period.

Course Titles

The titles of the courses follow the guidelines given by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR):

  • A1 and A2 = elementary level, B1 and B2 = intermediate level, C1 = advanced level
  • Numbers following the level of proficiency: e.g. B1.1 is the first course of level B1 and B1.2 is the second course of level B1.
  • Small letters (a, b, c etc.) after the course titles refer to identical parallel courses at the same level. Thus B1.1.a and B1.1.b are identical courses offered atlevel B1.1.

User Account

To register for a course you need a Language Center User Account.


Fees are charged forall German SemesterCourses.

Course fees are:

  • 8 hours a week courses: 360 euros
  • 4 hours a week courses: 180 euros

You mustpay the course fee online after the course place allocation. Please note that the fee does not include the course book.

During the Course

  • Beginning of the course

    Our courses begin in the second week of the lecture period. You can find the exact dates for your course in Campus.
  • Course Requirements

    All of our courses presuppose regular attendance, active participation and completion of all assignments. Further information can be found in Campus.
  • Maximum Number of Missed Classes

    If you cannot attend the first lesson, you will not lose your place. The lesson will simply be counted as a missed class.
    You are allowed to miss a certain number of classes during the semester.

    That means:

    4 SWS-Courses: max. 8 hours ( 45 minutes)
    8 SWS-Courses: max. 16 hours ( 45 minutes)
  • Course Rooms

    For alist of the most commonly used rooms and a map of their location see How to find us.
  • LP Learning Platform

    The Language Center is committed to using the LP Learning Platform in all of its language courses. Please take advantage of the various possibilities offered by the platform. Your instructor will inform you on how the platform will be used in your course.

    Once you've successfully completed your course, there are many options available to you regarding course certificates. Please go to After the Course for more information.

After the Course

Course Certificates

  • You can find confirmation of having successfully completed all course requirements approximately 4 weeks after the end of the semester in your User Account. This confirmation enables you to register for the subsequent course the following semester.
  • If you would like a written confirmation, you may obtain a Course Certificate at the Service Point.