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Why we installed the Center for Creative Writing

The reformed Bachelor and Master studies leave only little room for extensively developing and improving the individual writing competence. But at the same time, literal competences play a significant role at university, in scientific education and in the daily business environment in our current information and media based society. Our Center aims at closing this gap by promoting the individual writing competence of RWTH Aachen university students and thus endow graduates with a complete repertoire of key skills as part of the 'Exzellenzinitiative'. This includes the ability to compose professional academic and non-academic texts as well as professional competences themselves.

What does Creative Writing mean?

The ability to think flexibly and the promotion of general and purpose free development of unique ideas is not limited to private creative or artistic work. Due to the growing complexity of global social and economic interrelations, there is a need not only for analytical comptences of well trained scientists, but also for the capacity and willingness to develop unique and extraordinary solution strategies. Creatively working with texts can be used to practice leaving common thinking and writing patterns and at the same time sharpen one's perception.